EWP 190 is a college composition course will help you make the transition from the kinds of writing you did in high school to the kinds of writing expected of you in college and beyond. Writing is linked to reading and critical thinking so those are skills that will be emphasized as well.

In this course, you will be expected to give your peers feedback on their writing and do some collaborative projects. You will sometimes be required to read your writing aloud. The curriculum includes an oral presentation.

As the name of the course suggests, our topic of inquiry will be environmental issues. Over the semester, we’ll be reading a range of essays that explore environmental issues from both a scientific and cultural perspective. We’ll be writing about our connection to nature and our connection to place.


On a practical note, here are two things you might want to do before classes actually start:

1) Go buy your books. (Click on "books" on the sidebar.) Bookstores never carry enough copies, so you will want to beat your classmates to the shelves. If you're ordering books online, you need to do it before the semester begins.

2) Read over everything on this website so that you can ask questions the first day of class. Oh, and you might want to go down into the basement of Centennial to locate the classroom so you don't get lost the first day.