Rest of the semester

Come to class on time because we will be having presentations every day.
Here is the schedule of presentations: Schedule

Once you've presented, you need to write up one last short paper. Write about your presentation. (What was your purpose? How did you cater to your audience? How did you organize the presentation? Was it successful? How did your classmates respond? What would you do differently?) Important: Be sure to highlight your individual role in the presentation. It is a group project but you will be graded individually.

Sign up here if you would like a conference to talk to me about your portfolio.
I'll add more time slots during finals week just as soon as I figure out what meetings I have that week.

Our last class will be Tuesday, December 5. We will NOT have class on Thursday, December 7 because I need to fill that day with conferences.

Week 12

Tuesday, November 14
During class, hand in your portfolio. It should include:
  • Final draft of your formal paper 
  • Five short papers (#7-11)
  • A paragraph about your writing process
We will be getting into groups for the very last project so be sure to come to class.

Here are some parameters:
  • The project must be collaborative.
  • The project must include an interactive element. 
  • You can specify your audience (if you need us to be seventh graders, or business executives, or the mayor's office), or your audience can be college students.
  • You need to choose ahead of time what your purpose is. (Are you going to educate us? Raise awareness? Inform us? Persuade us?)
  • If you are need to bring us outside, you have to tell us ahead of time.
  • All members of the group must have a speaking role.
  • No screens unless there is a compelling reason.
  • The topic must contribute to the discussion we've been having.
  • You need to be prepared to tell us where you got your information from, and why you think those sources are credible.
  • You need to organize the presentation so it fits within the time frame you're given. 

Thursday, November 16
Come to class prepared to work on final presentations. Bring laptops, etc.
It's also time to sign up for a conference with me. The conferences will be held after Thanksgiving. Sign up here.

Here is the schedule of presentations that will take place after Thanksgiving: Schedule

Week 11

Tuesday, November 7
Bring to class a rough draft of your formal paper. We will be doing peer review. Bring two copies if you want to increase the number of people who will read it.
Thursday, November 9
No class. Janine is at a conference.
Work on your papers, which are due on Tuesday, November 14th.

Week 10

Tuesday,  October 31
Work Day! Bring your laptop and whatever else you need to work on your papers.
A rough draft is due on Tuesday, November 7.

Thursday Nov 2 
Progress report! Come to class prepared to talk about how your formal paper/project is going.

We will write Short Paper #12 during class.

Week 9

Tuesday Oct 24
For Short Paper #11, let’s do an experiment. You can choose to:
1)Spend some time (at least an hour) on your computer or
2)Spend some time (at least an hour) outdoors somewhere, preferably in as wild a place as you can get. The cemetery can work.

During that hour, think about what kinds of things you learn from being on the computer or being in nature. Your short paper should be a reflection on either

a) things I learn from the computer or
b) things I learn from nature

Be prepared to read these papers aloud in class on Tuesday.

Thursday Oct 26
Elevator Pitch due.

Here is the official assignment.
But I'm going to encourage you to think about how you might re-interpret that assignment. You can write an essay -- or you could do a podcast, make a video, or present the information in some other form.

Your rough draft (of the essay or the script) will be due Tuesday, November 7. The final draft (or completed project, whatever it may look like) will be due Tuesday, November 14.

Week 8

Tuesday, October 17
Read "Speaking of Nature" by Robin Kimmerer.
Write Short Paper #9

Here is an article we talked about in one of my classes:
52 Environmental Rules on the Way Out Under Trump

I know that I told some of you that you should be thinking about sentence variety when you write. Here is a pretty clear explanation of what sentence variety is. 

Dress to take a walk in the cemetery.

Thursday, October 19
I think for Thursday, we should do an experiment.
For Short Paper #10, do some research on the Flint Michigan water crisis.
Find out what you can about it. Write a short paper that will contribute to a discussion about the Flint.

Important --> You will need to tell us where you got your information from. But also -- you will have to tell us why you think that source is credible. Analyze the source itself: What's the bias? Does the source employ factcheckers? Is there a person attached to the info? Is that person qualified to give out info? What reputation does the source have?

Week 7

Tuesday, October 10
Read Playing for Keeps by Derrick Jensen
Watch on youtube: Reclaiming the Honorable Harvest by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Write Short Paper #7

Thursday, October 12
Read "Beyond Ecophobia" by David Sobel, page 181.
Listen to this talk: "Changing Education Paradigms" by Sir Ken Robinson

Write Short Paper #8