Rest of the semester

Tuesday, November 29
Come to class dressed to go outside, no matter what the weather.

The rest of the semester after Tuesday will include appointments (every student has to have a conference with me) and presentations.

Thursday, December 1 Presentations
Tuesday, December 6 Presentations
Thursday, December 8 Presentations

Be sure that you have an appointment with me to talk about your portfolio.
Sign up here.
Don't forget to set an alarm for your appointment so that you remember to go to it!

Make sure that you know when your group is presenting.
Here is the schedule of the presentations.

If your group is planning to take us all outside, please note that on the schedule so everyone comes to class dressed for cold weather. If you are using technology, be sure to test it out ahead of time -- and have a Plan B in case it doesn't work.

Each group has 30 minutes, but that 30 minutes should include time for discussion.

You are obligated to come to the presentations during your normal class time, but you are also invited to come to any of the other presentations. (For those of you who have missed classes, this is an extra credit opportunity.)

Questions to ask yourselves about your group project:
  • What are we trying to accomplish? Are we trying to educate, persuade, inform?
  • Do we have an interactive element that will engage our audience?
  • Have we connected our topic to a conversation about environmental issues?
  • Are we prepared to explain where our information came from and why those sources are credible?
  • Does every person in the group have an active role in this presentation?
  • How are we going to begin? How are we going to end?
  • Can we do all of this in less than 30 minutes?
Last thing:
In a short paper, evaluate your own class presentation — with an emphasis on the role you as an individual played in it. Which parts did you work on? This paper can include what work you did, what the audience response to the presentation was, what you learned from any mistakes you made, and what you'd do differently next time. Think of your presentation not as a test but as a learning opportunity. You can  also talk about other presentations and what you learned by watching your classmates present. The emphasis should be on what you learned.

Either hand this last short paper in on the last day of class or put it in my mailbox by Monday, December 12th.

Week 12

Tuesday, November 15
During class, hand in your portfolio. It should include:
  • Final draft of your formal paper (or project)
  • Five short papers 
  • A paragraph about class participation
You will need to sign up to for an appointment with me to talk about your portfolio.
Sign up here. The appointments begin after Thanksgiving. (That will give me time to read the portfolios.) Be sure to write down the date and time so you don't forget to come to your appointment.

We will be getting into groups for the very last project so be sure to come to class.

Thursday, November 17
Come to class prepared to work on final presentations. Bring laptops, etc.
The presentation should contribute something to the conversations we've been having all semester. Other factors:
  1. Collaboration. You need to work in a group.
  2. Purpose. The presentation should educate or persuade (or both).
  3. Audience. Include an interactive element that engages the audience.
  4. Organization. You need to organize the presentation so that it fits within the time frame you're given.
  5. Sources. You need to be prepared to tell us where you got your information and why you think those sources were credible.
  6. Face-to-face Talking. You must spend some of the presentation talking directly to us.
If you decide to use technology (like powerpoint), you need to test out the equipment ahead of time. You will have five minutes to get the technology working for your presentation, and if its not working, you must have a plan B.

Here is the schedule of presentations.

Tuesday, November 29
Come to class dressed to go outside, no matter what the weather.

Week 11

Tuesday, November 8
Bring to class a rough draft of your formal paper. We will be doing peer review. Bring two copies if you want to increase the number of people who will read it.

Give Robin Kimmerer some feedback! Here is the link.

Thursday, November 10
No class. Work on your papers, which are due on Tuesday, November 15th.

Week 10

Tuesday Nov 1 
Progress report! Come to class prepared to talk about how your formal paper/project is going. Show us what progress you've made. (Reminder: Your rough draft of Formal Project #2 is due on Tuesday, November 8. You will hand your portfolio in on Tuesday, November 15.)

We will be writing Short Paper #11 in class.

Thursday Nov 3 
Bring in a typed-up version of Short Paper #11
Come to class with paper and pen.
Robin Wall Kimmerer will be joining us today.

Week 9

Tuesday Oct 25
I think for Tuesday, we should do an experiment.
For Short Paper #10, do some research on the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Find out what you can about it. Write a short paper that will contribute to a discussion about the Pipeline. Important --> You will need to tell us where you got your information from. But also -- you will have to tell us why you think that source is credible. Analyze the source itself: What's the bias? Does the source employ factcheckers? Is there a person attached to the info? Is that person qualified to give out info? What reputation does the source have?

Thursday Oct 27
Elevator Pitch due. We will talk about this in class on Tuesday.

Here is the official assignment.
But I'm going to encourage you to think about how you might re-interpret that assignment. You can write an essay -- or you could do a podcast, make a video, or present the information in some other form.

Your rough draft (of the essay or the script) will be due Tuesday, November 8. The final draft (or completed project, whatever it may look like) will be due Tuesday, November 15.

Week 8

Tuesday, October 18
Read "Charlotte's Webpage" by Lowell Monke, page 194.
Write Short Paper #9

I know that I told some of you that you should be thinking about sentence variety when you write. Here is a pretty clear explanation of what sentence variety is. 

Twitter Chat
Tuesday, 10 - 11 pm EST.
Join the chat by using #nifkin
I would recommend participating on a computer rather than a phone and using an app like tweetdeck.

Our topic is education. How can we change education to help ensure that students become environmentally conscious?

Thursday, October 20
Some of you have argued that I shouldn't give a reading assignment for Thursday because the twitter chat is your homework assignment. So -- just come to class on Thursday. Bring pen and paper. We'll do some writing exercises, and we'll talk about the twitter chat.

Week 7

Be sure to check out our CONVA.
If you need an appointment with me, go here.

Tuesday, October 11
Read Playing for Keeps by Derrick Jensen
Watch on youtube: Reclaiming the Honorable Harvest by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Write Short Paper #7

Thursday, October 13
Read "Beyond Ecophobia" by David Sobel, page 181.
Listen to this talk: "Changing Education Paradigms" by Sir Ken Robinson

Write Short Paper #8